Goals for Maintenance

Keep the superintendent informed as to the needs and or changes required to keep the facility operating in a safe and well maintained condition.  Provide first line of response to facility maintenance needs to assure maximum operational effectiveness of the facility. Provide all required and appropriate documentation to the superintendent and work with all other departments to meet the facility maintenance.

Goals for Custodial Department

Our goals are to maintain an attractive, sanitary and safe facility for students, staff and the public at the school or district facilities. Provide equipment and furniture for meetings, classroom activities, events and minimize property damage, loss and liability exposure.

Goals for Grounds

Safety is our number one goal. Our mission is to provide a campus environment that does not pose a risk to students, staff, or community. We will strive to remedy and remove any potential hazards on the campus grounds. We want the community to feel that their kids are in a safe environment if on our sport fields, yard, or playground equipment.